Mission Critical Technology

To provide its customers with a world class range of specialised mission solutions, Trakka Tech has entered into strategic partnerships with a select number of esteemed brands to distribute a range of best in breed technology and equipment for mission requirements be it maritime, air or land.


Tailored specifically for Defence Forces, Special Forces and the HLS market, our high-end tactical mission systems and products help deliver superior solutions. As ex-military professionals, our team has years of hands on experience, so we not only know how to use our products, we also understand how our clients operate, which enhances training, learning and mission outcomes.


Trakka Tech represents these product leaders in select and specific markets around the world. Contact us to find out which specific markets we service.







Whatever your tactical operation, TrakkaTech offers a solution that will meet or exceed your critical mission requirements. Consistently delivering excellent product performance, reliability, service and support, Trakka helps you to see, to save and protect.




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