TrakkaTech is a high-end tactical mission solutions provider. We help deliver superior equipment across land and maritime fields, which are tailored specifically for Defence Forces, Special Forces and the HLS market. As ex-military professionals, our team has years of experience, so we not only know how to use our systems; we also understand how our clients operate which enhances training, learning and mission outcomes.


Roboteam is a leading global provider of tactical ground robotic systems. Based in Maryland US, its team of highly experienced veterans leads the design, development, production and delivery of high performance tactical ground robots to reliably support our troops and keep them safe. Roboteam meets all international statutory and regulatory requirements and holds an ISO-9001 certification since 2009.




ROTINOR GmbH is a German company located and established in Stuttgart. ROTINOR design and specialise in the manufacture of innovative and extreme high-performance diving scooters for professional applications. ROTINOR DPD are the world’s most powerful heavy-duty underwater scooters, which have the ability to tow multiple divers and equipment to their task area with maximum speed and minimum fatigue. This high performance comes from a “Made-in-Germany”, zero emission electrical jet-stream motor which will dramatically reduce your costs in personal and materials.




Secubit Ltd. was founded by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the defense market. Secubit Ltd. develops and manufactures innovative products to military and law enforcement agencies around the world and to the private sector. Secubit Ltd. prides itself in its desire to customize its products for each and every customer according to its specific demands and needs within a short period of time and with high product reliability.



Ametrine Technologies

Ametrine Manufactures and Develops unique advanced multispectral camouflage Equipment, patent protected innovative technology, mobile & static camouflage products. Ametrine products are distinctive from the competitors, the Equipment products Be Ametrine are in use daily by the Special operations units In the Western world. Combat uniforms, thermal camouflage suits in the land, sea & air, vehicles and additional equipment – concealing them from thermal and infrared night vision devices.




Highnovate represents the very best in rope access innovation systems. With state of the art technology, Highnovate provides the users with the edge they need to perform in any altitude, in different scenarios while maintaining the safety and support they need to accomplish their mission.




NOVO DR Ltd. is the leading developer and manufacturer of Portable Digital X-ray Systems. NOVO DR produce the latest generation flat panel based radiography systems for the Security and NDT industries. Combining decades of experience and intensive in house R&D, NOVO DR is taking portable digital radiography to the highest level possible while emphasizing on:

Highest image quality Portability & Small footprint Ruggedness Efficient user experience Field work optimization Safety.




ATASS (Advanced Tactical Airborne Systems & Services) was founded as a private partnership in 2009, successfully providing airborne accessories and services to national customers in Germany.

In 2012 ATASS was able to extend it’s business and partnered with Paratec GmbH exclusively providing their innovative line of military parachute equipment worldwide.

Today, ATASS works closely with well respected names in the parachute industry, providing key technologies such as high altitude oxygen equipment, navigation systems, instrumentation and custom solution services. With a wealth of special forces and special police experience within the company’s top management, ATASS has built the foundation to developed into one of the most successful full service system integrators in the field of military parachuting today.




Offering a wide range of off-the-shelf products, Opgal’s versatile families of thermal and multi-sensor cameras and systems deliver effective solutions for every security and safety need.



Shark Marine

You’ve heard it all before, a guy in a garage with an idea and passion. Yes, that’s pretty much how it started at Shark Marine Technologies. Since 1984 Shark Marine has lead manufacturers in the sector of Underwater Photographic Equipment. The first to put a portable camera on a diver’s helmet, it soon became an industry standard. The first to make a Remote Vehicle that was modular and easy to adapt in the field to changing requirements.

Shark Marine Technologies has always played well with others and the proof of that is the respect from others in the industry and their willingness, to work with Shark Marine’s engineers, to integrate sonars and other systems to be used with Shark Marine’s products. Through our successful industry collaboration Shark Marine has lead the way in the development of products for Diver Held Navigation Systems, innovative technologies for diver delivery systems and remote vehicles.

Shark Marine now boast customers on all continents, and oceans, proudly supplying in excess of sixteen Navies, international Marine forces, law enforcement, scientists, commercial divers and more.



TrakkaTech OPTICS

TrakkaTech is renowned for its leading innovation in Critical mission Technology. The TrakkaTech Optics division has been launched to provide more of the very best in optical advantage, enhancing the individual military, law enforcement and other first-responder professionals to better see, save and protect.

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